Thursday, December 4, 2008

Six Reason to drink coffee in the morning

Many people can not start their activities without drinking coffee in the morning first, but so often we hear when the caffeine is not good for us, and how drinking coffee can cause problems in our health. In fact, coffee has many benefits for health care, now is the time we began to recognize them. The following six main reasons for us to continue to drink coffee (or start) drinks every day!

Reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes

Who can foretell when the drink as simple as coffee can provide stunning benefits for health? However, with drink coffee may reduce the risk of type two diabetes. According to Sid Kirchheimer from glucosamine, the more coffee drunk, the better the results obtained. In fact, Harvard University has conducted research on the health benefits of coffee for 18 years, by analyzing data from about 126 thousand people. The result, the drinking 1-3 cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk of diabetes affected up to 10 percent, while drinking coffee with 6 cups or more men can reduce the risk of diabetes type two attacks by 54 percent, while for women can be reduced by 30 percent. This is a good argument for the phrase "one cup coffee a day," the expression of the people addicted to drink coffee every day.

Reduce the Risk Parkinson Disease and Other

Six groups of other studies found that the coffee drinker who drink coffee regularly can reduce the risk of Parkinson affected more than 80 percent. According to Thomas DePaulis, Phd, a scientist from Vanderbilt University's Institute for Coffee Studies, said, the more drink coffee, the results are, the better. It appears that for those who do not drink coffee, have also affected the risk of colon cancer, liver cirrhosis, even gallstone! Research shows that other recent coffee can provide benefits for heart health, reduce the risk of heart disease up to 53 percent.

Other sentences Poor Habit

Coffee not only have good effects for the body in the case against the disease, but can also help to counterbalance or play back the risk caused by bad habits. According to Thomas DePaulis, "Smokers, heavy drinker and will have a lower risk of heart disease and interference lives when they have a habit of drinking coffee regularly than those who do not drink coffee."

Helping can treat disease

There is evidence that coffee may help prevent asthma attacks and can even set them up at the lack of traditional medicine. Also, coffee is very useful in the treat headaches, especially migraine, and research shows that people who drink coffee to increase protection against stomach cavity itself.

Reduce Weight

There is a natural anti-oxidants in coffee, can help you lose weight. Other new facts, which recently found by Fulgencio Saura-Calixto and M. Elena Diaz-Rubio in the ACS 'Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, found that coffee powder cooking can be a good source of fiber, each cup contains nearly 2 grams of soluble fiber that easy. Most people who diet will be very aware of the benefits of fiber in terms of reduction of body weight. According to the research, "the content of the fibers found on the coffee powder cooking higher than other common beverages such as wine and orange juice." So, let us drink coffee, brothers! But avoid sugar!

We help Controls Depression

Coffee has been proven to help manage and cope with depression. Some, of course, because the caffeine content we remain conscious, which can reduce feelings of depression, but may also be associated with the level of oxidants contained in a cup of coffee. In fact, a study from Brazil recently showed that even children can drink coffee in the amount of the appropriate age to overcome with depression. Indeed, the research showed a small amount of coffee (1-2 cups a day) indeed have health benefits for children, despite previous statements that drinking coffee may hamper the growth of a person.

There are more benefits of drinking coffee for their health and seems far more useful than the risk that obtained. So stop feeling guilty and enjoy your cup of coffee in the morning! If there is any time someone says to you that you drink too much coffee or drinks you should stop, to the facts over to them. I know you want it!