Friday, November 21, 2008

Coffee and Kidney Problems

Caffeine contained in coffee can aggravate kidney aberration. Therefore, coffee fans that are experiencing kidney aberration need to reduce drinking coffee.

Once the conclusions of the research conducted by Dr. Jared J. Grantham and colleagues from the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City, USA.

In the research, find Grantham, when the cell extracts from patients with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) is displayed on the caffeine, the result is to increase the chemicals that intensifying the disease.

Details, the caffeine was causing the high level of content called cyclic AMP (CAMP), which stimulates the growth of cyst.

ADPKD is a common form of kidney disturbances, in which patients have to continue to risk an increase in kidney cyst them. Cyst is a cells contain water that initially a small, and can grow up to the grape. In many cases, the cyst could exceed the amount of network and the normal patients need to obtain transplantation.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Coffee and the problem of health

Although coffee was first recognized by the people as a medicinal plant, the world of modern medicine has long been suspected as the cause of coffee / trigger various diseases. Why is coffee, not food / beverages other? Perhaps because the coffee has no nutritional content, but can make people feel better without reasons clear.
However, the coffee lovers in the world can breathe a little more relieved because after more than 20 years of intensive research, until now can not be proven that the habit of drinking coffee in a reasonable amount associated with any disease or pregnancy interruption. However, for safety when you are pregnant or have certain health problems, there is a good habit of consulting your coffee drink to your doctor. It is also recommended to those who have high cholesterol levels, heart disease, the symptoms of breast cancer, or digestive disturbances. Once again, this time until there is no research that proves successful relationship between coffee drinking habits with the disease, but not if we are more vigilant.

* One cup of coffee contains an average of 100-150 milligram caffeine.
* One demitasse (for the mini-cup espresso) single-espresso average contain 80-120 milligram caffeine.
* One cup of tea contains an average of 40 milligram caffeine.
* One size brown stems are 20-60 milligram rata2 contain caffeine.
* One drink cola bottles of 340ml size of the 40-60 milligram caffeine, or approximately half the content of caffeine in a cup of coffee / espresso.

In "The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics" by Dr.. J. Murdoch Ritchie mentioned that:
A positive effect of caffeine, among other things: increase the speed of thought and inspiration, feeling sleepy and cure fatigue, increased sensor stimuli and motor reaction; example of a type that will be able to work more quickly and with the level of error is smaller.
In medicine, according to Dr. Ritchie, caffeine is contained in 1 to 2 cups of coffee can increase heart rate, blood vessels dilate, sampah2 encourage the flow of liquid and solid in the body, so that our body feels more "fresh".
b / negative effect of caffeine is absorbed by the body when overfishing, among others: chronic emergency, nervous, irascible, insomnia, muscle twitch, and diarrhea. Caffeine in an amount greater than the (dikandung by-example-10 cups of coffee drunk and hold) will be toxic for the body. Effects caused among others: vomiting, fever, and the mental confusion. The amount of caffeine in a very large even substances that can be shut off. Dose for humans is off about 10 grams, or kira2 100 cups of coffee drunk berturut2. So do not coba2 suicide in this way, because most likely in the cup to the 75 you have the stomach is not recognized and strong drink again. Hehe ..

The Art of Drinking Coffee

Drinking coffee is a lot of art. But I enjoy the most is drinking black coffee without sugar. Not for style, but I only keep the additional exotic then we can actually identify the taste of coffee. Ssstt ... this is also the cause and be with my boyfriend, because he was packing and sugar ferramentorum nothing wrong with it.

The identity of coffee can be detected from several factors, namely taste bitter, sour, sweet, fat, and aroma. So .. The hard-easy is difficult for each type of coffee can have characteristics that vary widely. From where the variations come from? I conclude

1. Slurp coffee ritual is the most important. Provide a few minutes before the start drinking.

2. Okay, coffee is bitter, but there art. After inhale allow the combination of taste play in the tongue. Feel some time, a new swallow. (some type of coffee is the result of a mixture of spices with specific, try to guess-nebak)

3. The brain will stimulation by caffeine. Moreover, coffee is often associated with the intellectual culture. So off with a conversation in a bar in the coffee shop. Part of this may be a serious investigation, or when they bring their own reading a good book.

4. Do not spend too long also coffee. The cold coffee aroma clearly lost. (except for the type of iced coffee)

Drinking coffee for liver health

Drinking coffee regularly can reduce the risk of heart disease. Research shows in the U.S., the risk of the formation of the disease alcoholic cirrhosis due to decreased 22 percent for every cup of coffee drunk each day.
However, experts report that temuannya in Archieves of Internal Medicine warns that reducing the consumption of alcohol is the most effective way to prevent heart damage. Research was conducted on 125,580 men and women for 20 years. The researchers from the California medical record using patients who voluntarily checked throughout 1978 until 1985.Untuk see the damage in the liver, they measure certain enzymes in the blood. Appropriate input, the rate of enzyme is much higher in heavy dope. Nevertheless, those who consume alcohol and coffee have a lower rate than the enzyme that only alcohol.
In 2001, 330 people diagnosed with liver disease cirrhosis, and 199 of them due to consume alcohol regularly. Drinking less than a glass of coffee a day reduce the risk of attack cirrhosis to 30 percent, one to three cups of up to 40 percent lower, and more than four cups of up to 80 percent. The risk of cirrhosis, which is not associated with alcohol also declined, although not too significant. However, tea does not have the same effect. This shows that the influence may not caffeine. The researchers have not yet sure whether the influence of caffeine tea drinking habits are not there. With learn racikan coffee, the researchers may be able to develop sedative and a better understanding of the formation mechanism of disease hati.Interaksi causal coffee and ethanol proved to the heart, but we must still think that coffee may be only one of which reduce the potential risk of cirrhosis, Dr. penelitianya said. Arthur Klatsky of the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research in California.
Although not explain the reasons why the decline of this can happen, the results of this research is to emphasize the importance of further research to mengungkapnya. According to Professor Chris Day from the Medical Center for Liver Research at the University of Newcastle, obesity is also one of the causes of increasing the risk of heart disease. In fact, obesity is one of the effect of changes in the body of the dope alcohol

What is Espresso coffee is a very bitter?

I often hear many people Ironically, the self-stated as "espresso fans" heard espresso coffee as a super bitter. According to my opinion is wrong.
Indeed bitter taste in the coffee because naturally caffeine content, but should not become the dominant taste. Excessive bitter taste and lack of flavor usually caused by an error extraction. Extraction temperature is too hot for example, can burn the bitter taste of coffee so that more prominent. Robusta coffee also feels more bitter because the caffeine content is much higher than the Arabica Coffee. Espresso is extracted correctly has a sweet taste and a natural component of bitter and sour taste that balanced.
Brown also have a bitter taste is not natural? But I am sure you will not become fans if chocolate taste bitter taste more dominant than the other.

Enjoying the Aroma of Black Coffee

Surely you know that on the surface of our tongue, there are hundreds and even thousands of small spots (I did not know how many part. If you want you can count yourself :-)). In the spots, there is a functioning nerves nervous as popular taste. In the mouth, we are around 10,000 popular feeling nervous most of which are located in the tongue, and there is also located in the walls of the mouth and throat.
That is a little surprising, it can only be nervous to distinguish the types of 5 flavors: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami. From the limitations of the reasons is because the human body feel need to have the ability to distinguish the vital signs between nutrition and taste of the poison. The taste umami taste, for example, shows that we are consuming protein.

Aroma factor

You also must have heard that when our nose is closed, we lose the ability to distinguish foods that taste almost the same texture. Apple and pear fruit, for example. That is because we know this with the term "taste" is a combination of sensation caused by the senses taste and smell senses. That's why experts always inhale aroma of coffee and wine to taste before.

Generation factor

The quality of the human senses taste derived from their parents. Some people have the ability to detect taste better than other people. For example there is a group of people called super tasters, who have the ability to detect the content of propylthiouracil (PROP) in food that are not detected by most people. In general, they also have higher sensitivity, sense of taste will be different.
Included in the above categories may more often go to places of worship each to be grateful, but it does not mean that ordinary people like us can not enjoy the taste of the maximum. How simple it ..

Reduced The Cafeine and Acid in Coffee


If you want to reduce the content of caffeine in coffee that you drink regular, easy way is to consume a decaf coffee. The problem is, the process dekafeinisasi also eliminate a lot of good quality coffee itself so that it seems to change. There are several ways that can be done other than to drink decaf coffee:
A Focus on quality, not quantity.
Trick is suitable for you who tend to drink too much coffee in the office / home because of reflex / habits. Drink lots of coffee quality that normally, you can try to create a special coffee for you (as well enjoy the process of making), which of course will eat more time than make coffee in a cleanup. With the diminishing time means less coffee you drink now? But you can enjoy it better.
b / Choosing a coffee naturally have lower caffeine content.
Speciality coffee (usually sold in the form of coffee seeds) contains less caffeine than regular coffee powder, which sold more cheaply. Coffee is usually cheaper contains more Robusta coffee, the content can kafeinnya to 2X more than Arabica coffee. So, if you drink coffee speciality, you will likely consume less caffeine than if you drink coffee from the coffee powder is cheap.
c / You can also mix some kind of Arabica coffee a low content of kafeinnya with decaf coffee.
Some types of Arabica coffee, such as Kenya, Yemen, Ethiopia, Guatemala or the very rich taste, so decaf coffee can cover even the most even.


Not the caffeine in coffee black sheep. There are several chemical substances that are usually grouped into acid, which makes some people do not like coffee. There are people who complained stomach pain after drinking coffee, there is also an impression that does not taste like acid into the character of some types of Arabica coffee. There are 3 alternative solutions:
a / Use a coffee that has reduced the rate asamnya.
Unfortunately, this kind of coffee is very difficult to find. And because the process of reduction asamnya approximately the same as the process dekaf, coffee also lose some quality.
b / Use a moderately-dark or dark-roasted coffee. Coffee black when fried up, feeling the effects asamnya will be reduced.
c / Use of Arabica coffee is grown at altitude, which naturally have a lower acid content. For example: coffee from Brazil, India, Hawaii, almost all coffee from the Caribbean region, Sumatra coffee from Indonesia and East Timor.

It is also important to buy high-quality coffee. A good coffee is harvested from the fruit that is really mature naturally sweet taste and have a lower acid content of coffee harvested before cooking.
Mangoes taste seared a young

Arabica Coffee beans

Some important nature of Arabica Coffee:

* Regional with a height between 700-1700 m above sea level and temperature of 16-20 C.
* Regional climate is dry or dry months 3 months / years in succession, the occasional rain to get the shipment.
* Generally, sensitive to attack the disease HV, especially when planted in low or less than 500 m above sea level.
* Average production is (4.5-5ku coffee rice / ha / year), but has a price and quality is relatively higher than other coffee. When intensively managed production can reach 15-20 ku / ha / year. Rendemen 18%.
* Most fruits once in a year.

Some varieties of coffee including arabica coffee, and many cultivated in Indonesia, among others; Abesinia, Pasumah, Marago Type and Congensis. Each of these varieties have slightly different nature with the other.

Abesinia:The shape of the tree more sturdy, can be planted in the lower plains, better disease resistent against HV.
Pasumah: The shape of the tree more sturdy, rather resisten of HV disease.
Margo Type: fruit size is larger and better quality.
Congensis: The seeds are very small-sized, but less productive resisten of HV disease.

Robusta Coffee Beans

Some important nature of robusta coffee:

* Resisten disease HV
* Grown in elevation 400-700 m above sea level, but still less tolerant in the height of 400 m above sea level, with temperatures 21-24 C
* Regional dry months 3-4 months in succession, with a 3-4 rain-time shipment
* Production is higher than the arabica coffee and liberica (an average of 9 - 13 my coffee rice / ha / year). And when managed intensively can be harvested 20 I / ha / year.
* Quality fruit is lower than the arabica coffee, but higher than Liberica coffee.
* Rendemen 22%

Quillou Sturdy tree, branch length with the primary direction of growth and horizontal curve to end slightly lower
* Leaves rather narrow and long with a wavy surface
* Fruit cooked in red and underlined clear
* Production-year high in the first year, but decreased rapidly after that
* Examples of good clones: Quill 121

Uganda Branch primary weak, with the end slightly curved to the top of the form letters like S, can be durable
* Small or narrow leaves, gemination quite close, the surface wave
* Fruits and easily fall off easily pests powder
* Suitable for high altitude (> 500 m above sea level)
* Examples of good clones: Uganda 1, Ugn 2, Ugn 3-02, Ugn 2-08

Canephora Tree branches removing many of reproduction
* Narrow leaves with wavy surface. Young leaves brown-reddish
* Fruits young brown-reddish
* Easy to the HV
* Has the self-sterile, so it must be mixed with other clones
* Examples of good clones: BP 39, BP 42, SA 13, SA 34, SA 56, BGN 30

That still favors coffee

For some people, drink a cup of coffee can provide enjoyment to be withdrawn and "friends" in various fun atmosphere. Flavored coffee will be increasingly favor when stored and processed by a special way.

Coffee has become part of the lifestyle, especially ° for those who live in large cities. Moreover, with the increasing number of coffee cafes, special and innovation in making coffee, so bring more dope coffee in the world.

Should be, coffee freshness long run can disappear because of the time factor, air humidity, temperature, heat and light, so the taste is changed. Therefore, the required special tricks to its quality, among others with: Save coffee in a closed place and put in place the cold and dry, with temperatures around 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit, or about 5 ° Celsius. Do not put near the stove, oven or areas that may be affected by sunlight and light because the temperatures are too hot can affect the quality of coffee Clan.

Should, do not store coffee in frezeer. However, when the purchase amount in the many, separate a small part of it will be used daily, and the rest to enter the hermetic plastic Clan store in the freezer. However, when once removed from the freezer, do not put back because of temperature changes that occur will cause damp so affected the quality of coffee Immediately place the coffee in the dry cold Clan.

Get used to buy coffee only as the need for a week or 2 weeks. With the case, you need to talk too long to save coffee and fresh remain intact.