Friday, November 7, 2008

Reduced The Cafeine and Acid in Coffee


If you want to reduce the content of caffeine in coffee that you drink regular, easy way is to consume a decaf coffee. The problem is, the process dekafeinisasi also eliminate a lot of good quality coffee itself so that it seems to change. There are several ways that can be done other than to drink decaf coffee:
A Focus on quality, not quantity.
Trick is suitable for you who tend to drink too much coffee in the office / home because of reflex / habits. Drink lots of coffee quality that normally, you can try to create a special coffee for you (as well enjoy the process of making), which of course will eat more time than make coffee in a cleanup. With the diminishing time means less coffee you drink now? But you can enjoy it better.
b / Choosing a coffee naturally have lower caffeine content.
Speciality coffee (usually sold in the form of coffee seeds) contains less caffeine than regular coffee powder, which sold more cheaply. Coffee is usually cheaper contains more Robusta coffee, the content can kafeinnya to 2X more than Arabica coffee. So, if you drink coffee speciality, you will likely consume less caffeine than if you drink coffee from the coffee powder is cheap.
c / You can also mix some kind of Arabica coffee a low content of kafeinnya with decaf coffee.
Some types of Arabica coffee, such as Kenya, Yemen, Ethiopia, Guatemala or the very rich taste, so decaf coffee can cover even the most even.


Not the caffeine in coffee black sheep. There are several chemical substances that are usually grouped into acid, which makes some people do not like coffee. There are people who complained stomach pain after drinking coffee, there is also an impression that does not taste like acid into the character of some types of Arabica coffee. There are 3 alternative solutions:
a / Use a coffee that has reduced the rate asamnya.
Unfortunately, this kind of coffee is very difficult to find. And because the process of reduction asamnya approximately the same as the process dekaf, coffee also lose some quality.
b / Use a moderately-dark or dark-roasted coffee. Coffee black when fried up, feeling the effects asamnya will be reduced.
c / Use of Arabica coffee is grown at altitude, which naturally have a lower acid content. For example: coffee from Brazil, India, Hawaii, almost all coffee from the Caribbean region, Sumatra coffee from Indonesia and East Timor.

It is also important to buy high-quality coffee. A good coffee is harvested from the fruit that is really mature naturally sweet taste and have a lower acid content of coffee harvested before cooking.
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