Friday, November 7, 2008

That still favors coffee

For some people, drink a cup of coffee can provide enjoyment to be withdrawn and "friends" in various fun atmosphere. Flavored coffee will be increasingly favor when stored and processed by a special way.

Coffee has become part of the lifestyle, especially ° for those who live in large cities. Moreover, with the increasing number of coffee cafes, special and innovation in making coffee, so bring more dope coffee in the world.

Should be, coffee freshness long run can disappear because of the time factor, air humidity, temperature, heat and light, so the taste is changed. Therefore, the required special tricks to its quality, among others with: Save coffee in a closed place and put in place the cold and dry, with temperatures around 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit, or about 5 ° Celsius. Do not put near the stove, oven or areas that may be affected by sunlight and light because the temperatures are too hot can affect the quality of coffee Clan.

Should, do not store coffee in frezeer. However, when the purchase amount in the many, separate a small part of it will be used daily, and the rest to enter the hermetic plastic Clan store in the freezer. However, when once removed from the freezer, do not put back because of temperature changes that occur will cause damp so affected the quality of coffee Immediately place the coffee in the dry cold Clan.

Get used to buy coffee only as the need for a week or 2 weeks. With the case, you need to talk too long to save coffee and fresh remain intact.

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