Friday, November 7, 2008

Robusta Coffee Beans

Some important nature of robusta coffee:

* Resisten disease HV
* Grown in elevation 400-700 m above sea level, but still less tolerant in the height of 400 m above sea level, with temperatures 21-24 C
* Regional dry months 3-4 months in succession, with a 3-4 rain-time shipment
* Production is higher than the arabica coffee and liberica (an average of 9 - 13 my coffee rice / ha / year). And when managed intensively can be harvested 20 I / ha / year.
* Quality fruit is lower than the arabica coffee, but higher than Liberica coffee.
* Rendemen 22%

Quillou Sturdy tree, branch length with the primary direction of growth and horizontal curve to end slightly lower
* Leaves rather narrow and long with a wavy surface
* Fruit cooked in red and underlined clear
* Production-year high in the first year, but decreased rapidly after that
* Examples of good clones: Quill 121

Uganda Branch primary weak, with the end slightly curved to the top of the form letters like S, can be durable
* Small or narrow leaves, gemination quite close, the surface wave
* Fruits and easily fall off easily pests powder
* Suitable for high altitude (> 500 m above sea level)
* Examples of good clones: Uganda 1, Ugn 2, Ugn 3-02, Ugn 2-08

Canephora Tree branches removing many of reproduction
* Narrow leaves with wavy surface. Young leaves brown-reddish
* Fruits young brown-reddish
* Easy to the HV
* Has the self-sterile, so it must be mixed with other clones
* Examples of good clones: BP 39, BP 42, SA 13, SA 34, SA 56, BGN 30

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