Friday, November 7, 2008

Coffee and the problem of health

Although coffee was first recognized by the people as a medicinal plant, the world of modern medicine has long been suspected as the cause of coffee / trigger various diseases. Why is coffee, not food / beverages other? Perhaps because the coffee has no nutritional content, but can make people feel better without reasons clear.
However, the coffee lovers in the world can breathe a little more relieved because after more than 20 years of intensive research, until now can not be proven that the habit of drinking coffee in a reasonable amount associated with any disease or pregnancy interruption. However, for safety when you are pregnant or have certain health problems, there is a good habit of consulting your coffee drink to your doctor. It is also recommended to those who have high cholesterol levels, heart disease, the symptoms of breast cancer, or digestive disturbances. Once again, this time until there is no research that proves successful relationship between coffee drinking habits with the disease, but not if we are more vigilant.

* One cup of coffee contains an average of 100-150 milligram caffeine.
* One demitasse (for the mini-cup espresso) single-espresso average contain 80-120 milligram caffeine.
* One cup of tea contains an average of 40 milligram caffeine.
* One size brown stems are 20-60 milligram rata2 contain caffeine.
* One drink cola bottles of 340ml size of the 40-60 milligram caffeine, or approximately half the content of caffeine in a cup of coffee / espresso.

In "The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics" by Dr.. J. Murdoch Ritchie mentioned that:
A positive effect of caffeine, among other things: increase the speed of thought and inspiration, feeling sleepy and cure fatigue, increased sensor stimuli and motor reaction; example of a type that will be able to work more quickly and with the level of error is smaller.
In medicine, according to Dr. Ritchie, caffeine is contained in 1 to 2 cups of coffee can increase heart rate, blood vessels dilate, sampah2 encourage the flow of liquid and solid in the body, so that our body feels more "fresh".
b / negative effect of caffeine is absorbed by the body when overfishing, among others: chronic emergency, nervous, irascible, insomnia, muscle twitch, and diarrhea. Caffeine in an amount greater than the (dikandung by-example-10 cups of coffee drunk and hold) will be toxic for the body. Effects caused among others: vomiting, fever, and the mental confusion. The amount of caffeine in a very large even substances that can be shut off. Dose for humans is off about 10 grams, or kira2 100 cups of coffee drunk berturut2. So do not coba2 suicide in this way, because most likely in the cup to the 75 you have the stomach is not recognized and strong drink again. Hehe ..

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