Friday, November 7, 2008

Arabica Coffee beans

Some important nature of Arabica Coffee:

* Regional with a height between 700-1700 m above sea level and temperature of 16-20 C.
* Regional climate is dry or dry months 3 months / years in succession, the occasional rain to get the shipment.
* Generally, sensitive to attack the disease HV, especially when planted in low or less than 500 m above sea level.
* Average production is (4.5-5ku coffee rice / ha / year), but has a price and quality is relatively higher than other coffee. When intensively managed production can reach 15-20 ku / ha / year. Rendemen 18%.
* Most fruits once in a year.

Some varieties of coffee including arabica coffee, and many cultivated in Indonesia, among others; Abesinia, Pasumah, Marago Type and Congensis. Each of these varieties have slightly different nature with the other.

Abesinia:The shape of the tree more sturdy, can be planted in the lower plains, better disease resistent against HV.
Pasumah: The shape of the tree more sturdy, rather resisten of HV disease.
Margo Type: fruit size is larger and better quality.
Congensis: The seeds are very small-sized, but less productive resisten of HV disease.

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