Friday, November 7, 2008

The Art of Drinking Coffee

Drinking coffee is a lot of art. But I enjoy the most is drinking black coffee without sugar. Not for style, but I only keep the additional exotic then we can actually identify the taste of coffee. Ssstt ... this is also the cause and be with my boyfriend, because he was packing and sugar ferramentorum nothing wrong with it.

The identity of coffee can be detected from several factors, namely taste bitter, sour, sweet, fat, and aroma. So .. The hard-easy is difficult for each type of coffee can have characteristics that vary widely. From where the variations come from? I conclude

1. Slurp coffee ritual is the most important. Provide a few minutes before the start drinking.

2. Okay, coffee is bitter, but there art. After inhale allow the combination of taste play in the tongue. Feel some time, a new swallow. (some type of coffee is the result of a mixture of spices with specific, try to guess-nebak)

3. The brain will stimulation by caffeine. Moreover, coffee is often associated with the intellectual culture. So off with a conversation in a bar in the coffee shop. Part of this may be a serious investigation, or when they bring their own reading a good book.

4. Do not spend too long also coffee. The cold coffee aroma clearly lost. (except for the type of iced coffee)

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