Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Banana Coffee Smoothie

Coffee can also in combining with fruit of, the other one is banana. Soft banana texture is allied with aroma coffee will make coffee taste goal which in presenting also soft and delicious, its will be very good for your breakfast.

Material ( for 2 glass)

2 instant coffee tea spoon

1 sand sugar tablespoon

50 ml hot water

100 ml white milk melted

2 small cut banana - small

2 brown biscuit

2 scoop vanilla ice-cream

ice cube sufficiently.

How to make

1 Dissolves instant coffee and sugar in hot water

2 condensation mix coffee, ice cube, milk, banana cutting, chocolate biscuit powder, and ice- cream vanilla/chocolate, in blender lets until spume

3 Decants in cup. Adds a few whipped cream above it’s and sows with brown powder

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