Wednesday, October 1, 2008

History of coffee

Coffee originated in Ethiopia a country in north eastern area in Africa.The original story goes that a sheep getting more energetic from eating the berries off the all coffee plant and thus coffee was born. It's my considered opinion how ever that sheep and goats not being too expressive are not the ones to place this idea in our young sheep herder's mind. A closer analysis unmediately sereals the fact that thin chosen goat herder nameless but a legend non the less.
Any way coffee still grow wild in Ethiopia,but it was not in Yemen,that coffee was first cultivated. Although there is some disagreement as to the beginning of cultivated coffee,by 15 th century it was certainly began is movement along the same latitude as it was first cultivated expanding to India and Srilanka during the early 17th century. Coffee spread to to the colonies of european countries,from Malabar(India) to Java (indonesia) in the early 18th centuries,coffee made it's way to south and central America and Caribean and now coffee is grown in most sub tropical country.Many region around the world have retain their particular methode to drinking coffee.
Coffeebean are actualythe seeds of the coffee plant when processed to remove their outer shell.Most coffee bean are easily split in to two comperasivelly large flat halves; Peaberies are a special type of small round bean with only one part.

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