Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gourmet Coffee

Although coffee comes from African around 2000 Last year - but most exclusive coffee in world comes from island sumatera. This coffee recognized by the coffee maniacs in the world by the name of luwak coffee or mongoose coffee because made from the coffee beans that has passed natural process in stomach of mongoose.This animal's which many gallivanting in coffee garden in this sumatera swallows off hand coffee seed which in finding it in the ground or plucked by it directly from the tree,but because haves no in digesting in its the stomach , hence the coffee seed returns to exit with its feces. Indistinct does the coffee become very enjoying because has storage on the stomach of mongoose all night long or because the animal of course clever chooses the seed of coffee. Enzyme matter in digestion systems of mongoose breaks contents of fruit of coffee before the animal releases coffee seed with it's feces. The coffee wedge then to collectible from coffee garden by the workers remainder from mongoose feces cleans coffee and then choosing the coffee beans. So what do you think about the mongoose? it's animal is a gourmet coffee? yes it' is marvelous it is gourmet coffee.

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