Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Eggnog Coffee

Eggnog is a real popular beverage in English and American,eggnog is mandatory and traditional beverage in presenting at the time of Christmas and New year, something spells out members " nog" comes from ancient inggris language " noggin" with the meaning small cup made from wood so that eggnog = egg in cup also there is spelling out members nogg to come from one of dialect east Anglian is meaning " ale/ strong beer"


- 2 egg

- 85 gr sugar

- 1/4 nutmeg powder teaspoons

- 60 ml root beer

- 30 ml rum

- 230 ml milk

- 60 ml cream

- 60 ml liquid copi

- ice cube and cinnamon

How to make

1 Shakes egg with blender during 2 minute adds sugar and shakes again during 1 minute

2 Mix cream,milk,liquid coffee and nutmeg powder then into egg mixture and sugar

scrambled until mingled to uses blender

3 Adds mix rum again with blender

4 serve with ice cube to spread cinnamon is upper

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