Monday, October 6, 2008

Starbucks Coffee

It is a cafe network from United States having station in Seattle, Washington. Starbucks is the biggest cafe company in the world, with 15012 shops in 44 nation Starbucks sells coffee, hot beverage based on espresso, cool beverage and other temperature, light food, and cup and coffee seed. Pass division Starbucks Entertainment with brand Hear Music, this company also markets book, music, and film.

Since first time is opened in Seattle, Starbucks to grow by leaps and by bounds. In year 1990-an, Starbucks many opening new shop. This growth still going on until year 2000-an. By The End Of March 2008, Starbucks has owned 16226 shops, 11434 between to resides in United States. But at 1 July 2008, Starbucks announces that they will close 600 shops and cuts its(the growth plan in United States, because of weakening it condition of economy By 29 Julies 2008, Starbucks also rives the 1000 officers. Closing and cessation of this job activity is end of fast growth of Starbucks started in year 1990.

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