Monday, October 6, 2008

Coffee Roasters

Delicious coffee or not it's depend on expertise of ROASTER is side by variety, cultivation way of pluck,dehydration.besides also is way of serve...If the water too heat or height machine pressure of itsthe coffee will be scorhed... on the contrary if it's debasement is less aroma because all of coffee oil not exit.

To serve the good of coffee pours boiling water into it with schorching water ( 100 C). thereby, all espresso coffees can go out from the seed powder. and if is paid attention, coffee also releases a kind of oil. this usually many in robusta coffee

The coffee is never made just by one variety only it's always combination between Arabica and Robusta.....besides because of cost it is for the taste's usually more Arabica or pure Arabica...and of course usually costlier!!!

espreso is the black coffee from italy is making it must apply water is having temperature is higher out of 100 C. water is gotten from heating water in high pressured place. this temperature water poured into coffee powder which put in in coffee filter. so, temperature water only pass coffee to release taste and aroma coffee without having to brings its the coffee dregs

So became if will copy taste any kind ( be at the discretion of the mixture is) the base espresso.

cave gives example of common yg at cafe-2 :

latte is milk coffee. its(the composition coffee espreso 1/2 cups + milk ( which have been evaporated so that more creamy) 1/2 cups. sometimes dikasi cocoa powder ato cinnamon above his(its.

capucinno is milk coffee too ( its the base from latte). the composition, coffee espreso 1/3 cups + milk 1/3 cups + milk spume 1/3 cups. also usually dikasi cocoa powder ato cinnamon above his its.

there is again from Starbuck coffee


1/2 cups espresso

2 1/2 milk cups lowfat ( 2 percent)

1/4 cups granulated sugar

1 tablespoon dry pectin ( at super of market )

mix of all material in glass shake, shakes sampe nyampur of all.

carries over glass, always is drinked ....

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